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Rajasthan Travel Trip : Frequently Asked Questions
Hello Patronage,

It is always challenging assignment from the desk of C.E.O. to address the things happening around in his own company and represent whole industry with the help of couple of words. In my words Rajasthan-Travel Trip is the talented clone baby, which has best genes of inbound industry.

Rajasthan-Travel Trip mission is to become online traveler’s preferred and most recommended web based company by delivering the best services in best prices with the highest consumer value. I hope to fulfill everyone’s dream of visiting India.

Rajasthan-Travel Trip is e-commerce based inbound tour company exclusively for Rajasthan Sub Continent. www.RajasthanTravel Trip.com is 100% subsidiary of Poonia Intrastate. Rajasthan-Travel Trip is born to serve to all international tourist are planning to visit Rajasthan Sub Continent. Carefully short listed well experienced team of professionals from inbound industry are groomed to be smart, friendly, ensuring that every interaction will make you feel comfortable holidays with vivid Rajasthan Travel Trip.

What Makes You To Go With Rajasthan-Travel Trip
1. Professionalism with personalized:
The Professionalism with very personalized channel of operation for best false proof services. The Combination of professional working culture and personal care leave no arm for any kind of excuse. One can feel it since from very beginning of enquiry online with us.Pure Rajasthan Travel Trip hospitality leaves long lasting Travel Trip of our togetherness in the mind, heart and soul of every single traveler.

2. Guest first money second: We don’t have any hesitatation to telling you that we have adopted western working culture to provide you best said services. Our back office and planning department is excellent example of working culture, However it is truth while it comes to the operation and services we lack behind western countries. As India is developing country and still we need lots to learn in many sectors including tourism industry to match international standard. We are service oriented company rather than profit. Money matter to us but is always after the services .We are hunger to serve the guest. Pleasant and smiling face of tourist boosts us to serve in great manner.


3. Honesty, Transparency and Commitments are our tonic:Honesty is the best policy in our all department from planning of itinerary to operation of handling guest. These all three words -Honesty, Transparency, Commitment stay a head in front of our eyes.

4. Depth Knowledge of Rajasthan tourism:The old proverb “Knowledge is power” is the source of our inspiration to carry on learning from day to day life. Rajasthan-Travel Trip ensure you that your any online enquiry always replied with best possible routing and best possible price by senior staff only, which have sound knowledge of all destinations.

5. Specialization in Inbound: We are proud to say you that Rajasthan-Travel Trip has expertization in inbound tourism.

In The Last:

FAQ (frequently asked question)/ FIQ (frequently imagined question)

Que- I hope big companies will deliver better services in much better professional way than your company?
Ans-No, Turn over of any company can’t be parameter of best services. Many times turn over of big companies may be based on many services i.e.Airticketing, Trains ticketing where services is no issue from the end of travel agent /company. Now time is for specialization and our company is proud to say you that we are exclusively inbound tour operator (tour for foreigners).If personal care and best services are criteria to judgment than big companies lies down in the list.

Que- Every Company can claim in profile that they are services oriented? How can I Judge?
Ans-Yes, It is very simple to write it in profile of company by any one, as it can make big different in generating trust as well as business. But now it is you (online-customer) who can watch and judge it by looking at company profile, testimonials, and of course the correspondence between you and all other companies since from beginning of enquiry. Now parameters are in your own hands by looking time takes in reply, drafting, and perfection in itinerary -which suit your taste, budget and transparency in payments. Online business is the magic of words here words work for you and words can make big difference. So look at words carefully every where either words from CEO or words from Itinerary planner to make your own wise judgment.

Que-How can I trust in you?
Ans-Great Company from any sector was a small company in the beggining. But they did the things in different way and creat history. We are neither so small nor so big so that you have any doubt regarding services or else. Our crystals clear transparency since from beggning of itinerary and well define services with liberty of payment all hopefully ensure you to trust in our self.

Que- If you have any other question we will be pleased to answer you. So feel free to ask if any time.

Looking to welcome you with Rajasthan-Travel Trip.
Yours truly,
Javed Kahan
Founder C.E.O.
Rajasthan-Travel Trip…
Enjoy Holidays!!!
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